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Fees & Charges
I authorize TapCard to deduct all charges and fees from my TapCard Account Wallet at each point of settlement. TapCard is at liberty to vary the service charges associated with the use of the payment platform from time to time. As at the date of signing, the fees associated with the use of the TapCard Device is 1% per settlement.

KYC Requirements
Each merchant shall be required to comply with TapCard’s KYC requirements and shall be required to produce the required KYC upon registration and a completed and signed registration form. Any failure to comply with these requirements will result in limited ability to transact until such time as when requirements are fully complied with.

The Merchant hereby understands and agrees that failure and/or delay by the Merchant to furnish details so required by TapCard to comply with its legal/statutory/regulatory obligations may result in the closure of the Account and/or placement of restrictions on the Account by TapCard after due notice(s) to the Merchant.

TapCard Account Non -transferrable
Each TapCard account shall be allocated individually and cannot be transferred to another person or entity without the consent of TapCard.

Limitation of Liability
TapCard is not responsible for any loss arising from:

• any deliberate tempering of the TapCard device by the Merchant,
• failure, malfunction, or delay in any mobile network, the internet or any supporting or shared networks resulting from circumstances beyond TapCard’s reasonable control,
• TapCard will not be liable for any settlement transfer made to an incorrect phone number or bank account provided by the Merchant,
• TapCard can only reverse a wrong settlement transfer, after substantiated proof of the transaction is produced by the Merchant and on the condition that the money is still available on the transferred account,
• non-compliance by Merchant of the Laws of the Republic of Zimbabwe, regulations or circulars by any Regulatory Authority such as Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) or Terms and Conditions set by TapCard.

Transaction Limits
The merchant agrees that each TapCard account shall be governed by transaction limits as stipulated by regulatory authorities from time to time. Any attempts to exceed the prescribed limits will result in account suspension without further notice to the merchant.

Security Deposit
A security deposit is payable upon collection of a TapCard device. This security deposit shall be kept and used in cases where the Merchant brings the TapCard device back for repairs until it is exhausted. TapCard has the right to forfeit the deposit if the Merchant damages the TapCard device. In the event the Merchant no longer wishes to be a TapCard merchant and brings back the device in good working order, the Merchant shall be refunded their security deposit in full.
Intellectual Property Rights
TapCard shall remain the absolute owner of all intellectual property rights belonging to it and shall have the right to not return the application, the photographs, information and documents submitted by the Merchant.

Right of refusal of service
Notwithstanding the documentation and merchant registration form provided, TapCard reserves the right to accept/reject the Merchant's application. TapCard 's decision in this regard would be final.

TapCard reserves the right to record telephonic conversations with Merchants for internal quality control purposes and as evidence in case of any disputes. TapCard further reserves the right to keep manual and electronic communication with Merchants for a period of 10 years in line with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe regulation.

Privacy Policy
In case any personal information or data is collected by TapCard, the same shall be dealt with in accordance with TapCard’s privacy policy as published on its website.

Termination of Services
TapCard, at its sole and absolute discretion, may terminate your use of the service for any reason whatsoever. Upon termination of your use of the service, you remain liable for obligations you will have incurred.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law
This agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Zimbabwe. The account opened by the merchant and TapCard device issued thereof must not be used to commit any offense under the laws of the Republic of Zimbabwe. The Parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court in relation to any dispute.

Binding Agreement
This TapCard Merchant Application Form and the TapCard Terms and Conditions, constitute an officially binding agreement between the undersigned.

Merchant Declaration
I/We the undersigned hereby certify that I/we have read and understood the full terms and conditions of use of the TapCard Services as they appear on the TapCard website, together with the summarised Terms and Condition as they appear on the Merchant Application Form.




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