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Consumer Protection Policy





1.1 Confidentiality

All information pertaining to our clients, current, prospective and past is kept strictly confidential. No information may be disclosed or passed on to third parties without the express permission of the client except for explicit bonafide purposes such as to inform the credit bureaus, insurance companies, banks for portfolio buyouts.

Client information may be disclosed to a third party subject to the following conditions:
a) The client has been informed about such disclosure and permission has been obtained in writing,
b) The party in question has been authorized by the client to obtain client information from the company,
c) It is legally required to do so,
d) This practice is customary amongst financial institutions and available for a close group on a reciprocal basis (such as a credit bureau).

Aggregated information of client demography, spending habits, activities, etc. may be used as necessary in company publications and reports for management purpose provided that no information is included or released that reveals individual records. Such aggregated information may also be released to other financial institutions including investors.

In case of misbehavior by a client such as falsifying the identity, providing false financial information or loan documents is noticed, the documents will be kept in proper custody by the company for any further action and the matter will be reported to the Audit & Risk Committee. Depending upon the seriousness, the matter may be reported to the RBZ.

1.2 Conflict Resolution Procedure

Please see the Conflict Resolution Policy Manual.

1.3 Transparency

Company operations staffs are responsible to communicate effectively to clients and explain the pricing, terms, and conditions of all products in a language understood by them. Clients are encouraged to ask questions at any time if there are any doubts. Clients have all the rights to ask for information on the services that they are receiving from the company during the time of service. No corruption or sexual harassment is tolerated by the Company, and the staff concerned is severely reprimanded if such cases are found after a fair investigation.

1.4 Debt Collection Procedure

The Company will not resort to any questionable/unethical collection methods such as threatening, use of abusive language, etc. while dealing with cases of clients having over dues or clients with defaults. The company staff will patiently explain the procedures and the need for timely repayment of the loans availed in a polite manner. If the company is convinced that there is a genuine reason for non-payment / delayed payment, appropriate measures for repayment will be discussed with clients concerned and implemented with their consent.

1.5 Fair Practices

The company will only offer services to eligible clients as per the nation’s statutes. The company will only obtain copies of relevant documents from clients, as per standard KYC norms. Any additional documents sought will be reasonable and necessary for completing transactions. Products will not be bundled together under any circumstances whatsoever.

1.6 Appropriate interaction practices

All company staff and persons acting on behalf of the company must at all times use courteous language, maintain decorum, and be respectful of cultural sensitivities during all interaction with clients. All company staff and employees shall never:

• indulge in any behavior that in any manner would suggest any kind of threat or violence,
• contact clients outside normal business hours of 8 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday,
• visit clients at inappropriate occasions such as bereavement, sickness, etc.

1.7 Record Keeping

By law we will keep all business record including customer documents for a minimum of six (6) years after the record is created, updated or the transaction is completed (whichever is most recent).

We will store records manually and electronically; normally in the format received from the source and/or consumer. We have a library to store the physical files whilst electronic copies will be stored on cloud servers. The library has a physical barrier as a control and will be the responsibility of the Librarian whilst the cloud servers will have password access control.




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